Why Choose CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Certification?

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As a CompTIA Security+ certified Network Manager, you will be able to assist companies with information security requirements and prepare them for their network installation. The most effective courses for networking professionals to involve a combination of classroom and on the job training, making them valuable additions to any resume. CompTIA Security+ certifications are earned by individuals who have passed all five of the Security+ Certifications’ exams, as well as several additional specialized studies. Upon completion of this CompTIA Security+ qualification, a person is then qualified to sit for the Security+ Industry Position exams given out by CompTIA.

Question No 1:

A startup company is using multiple SaaS and IaaS platform to stand up a corporate infrastructure and build out a customer-facing web application. Which of the following solutions would be BEST to provide security, manageability, and visibility into the platforms?


Answer: C

Question No 2:

In which of the following situations would it be BEST to use a detective control type for mitigation?

A. A company implemented a network load balancer to ensure 99.999% availability of its web application.
B. A company designed a backup solution to increase the chances of restoring services in case of a natural disaster.
C. A company purchased an application-level firewall to isolate traffic between the accounting department and the information technology department.
D. A company purchased an IPS system, but after reviewing the requirements, the appliance was supposed to monitor, not block, any traffic.
E. A company purchased liability insurance for flood protection on all capital assets.

Answer: D

Question No 3

A company recently transitioned to a strictly BYOD culture due to the cost of replacing lost or damaged corporate-owned mobile devices. Which of the following technologies would be BEST to balance the BYOD culture while also protecting the company’s data?

A. Containerization
B. Geofencing
C. Full-disk encryption
D. Remote wipe

Answer: C

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