IRT – Indiana Bicentennial

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A Torch Relay in Indiana is just around the corner – just 100 Days until torch relay begins. On September 9th, the 3,000-mile journey across Indiana’s 92 counties starts in Corydon (Corydon County) in Harrison County. The torch relay will highlight the accomplishments, innovation and impact of Indiana and will offer a glimpse into Indiana’s future. This year, we will honor the past, celebrate our rich history, and look to the future. I invite you to join in on this exciting event that will be hosted by the State of Indiana. Join me and let’s take a moment to celebrate Indiana and all it has to offer.

One of the great features of the Torch Relay is its emphasis on the heritage of each county in Indiana. Each county will have a different theme. A great way to show your participation is to pick up a map at the reception and decorate your home with flags, banners, banners and pennants. Your house should be decked out for the occasion, as it will become the focal point of attention in the house as the participants descend on it. Take pictures as the guests make their way to your home. You can also put some stickers on your mailbox and the mailbox of everyone in the family. You can make your own custom flags, hang them from the roof or hang them from the door of your house.

There are several ways to participate in the Indiana Bicentennial torch relay. First, if you live in a county participating, come to the event and help light the flag. Second, you can purchase an IRT guide that will provide you with all the information that you need in making the journey. Third, you can purchase a commemorative IRT flag and help in lighting it. Lastly, you can volunteer to be a sponsor or a cheerleader.

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